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Civil Rights

1960's Folk Music ~ Brain Pop

Pete Seeger Is Born

Songs of the Civil Rights Movement ~ NPR

Freedom Songs and the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Songs March to the Beat of Gospel Music

The Five Greatest Civil Rights Songs

American Experience: Eyes On The Prize
Excellent site with Chapters, news releases, music, videos, etc

The Freedom Riders and the Popular Music of the Civil Rights Movement


This Little Light Of Mine
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
Oh Freedom
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
I'm On My Way
We Shall Not Be Moved
The above songs are taken from the History Now website.
Most are Spirituals that have the words changed specifically for the Civil Rights Movement. There is also video that goes with the audio.

If I Had A Hammer ~ Peter, Paul and Mary

If I Had A Hammer ~ Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger Talks About We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome at
Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Party

We Shall Overcome ~ Pete Seeger

Blowin' In The Wind ~ Bob Dylan

Blowin' In the Wind ~ Joan Baez

O Freedom ~ Harry Belafonte

O Freedom ~ Joan Baez

Going Down To Mississippi ~ Phil Ochs

If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus